viernes, 27 de noviembre de 2015

International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women 2015


I wanna share my life
with someone who wants to share mine.
I wanna share my life
With someone who respects who I am,
I wanna share my life
With someone who shares my ambitions,
My longings and goals, my propositions.
I wanna share my life
With someone who wants to love and be loved;
Who wants to be helped and help,
To give when needed, and be given when in need.
Someone who wants my support and is able to offer theirs,
Any  other thing wouldn’t be nice or fair.
Controlling what I do doesn’t mean love,
but rather lack of confidence and mistrust,
a sense of possession which I will have not.

I will keep my friends, my fashion and my personality,
If somebody cannot accept this, they didn’t fall in love with me,
they imagined me different or intended to change my reality.

And if they do not accept me the way I am,
they will try to adapt me to their likings,
as if I were their property, instead of their companion.

And when a property does not meet your interests,
you must try hard to transform it into your fashion,
by beating the real me into the me you request.

And right here, if my me hasn't already been devastated,
I’d rather escape to safer circumstances
or I’m quite likely to end up in the grave.

Arturo Neira.

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