domingo, 22 de octubre de 2017

Burning Galicia or burning the world

Last Saturday was one of the most appalling days I remember concerning environment.  Our land, Galicia – and Portugal, and Asturias, because the consequences will affect all the world, make it our land-, was all in flames.  
Pontevedra was covered in smoke, and we were not undergoing half the terrible moments of Vigo, Nigrán, Ponte Caldelas or Ponteareas.
What the reasons of such madness are is difficult to understand.  Whatever the motivations are: building more houses, getting a longer contract with the fire brigades, screwing up your neighbours or just being such a fool that you can’t help lighting one more fire- or several- when you see flames; do not worry arsonists, you will also live in hell when the world becomes an unhabitable place, whether you are wealthy or poor, powerful or a pariah, own an anti-everything shelter or just no house at all.  Disaster will make everyone of us equal.

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