domingo, 5 de abril de 2015

Pregunta 3 Selectividad Hot potatoes

Here you have two Hot Potatoes files with all the transformations existing in the CIUG site.  You can do them - there are about 120 - by writing, which can be complicated, because it usually gives partial mistake due to spacing, capital letters...  The easiest way is to think of the solution and then, click on "Show Answer" to check.  This question is worth 2 marks in Selectividad and is basically related to grammar, which means it is not so difficult if you practise.
It is an easy way to carry out a quick grammar revision. Come on! It is quick.

Clik on link and download the two files into your computer.  You can do them without being connected to the net.

Question 3 selectividad

NEW  More practice:

Power point


Transformaciones ( 2)

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