viernes, 15 de mayo de 2015

On the occasion of our school 'Culture and Science Week', last April 17th 1st-year ESO students took part in an interesting activity dealing with the animal kingdom. The idea stems from the English department so as to reinforce the contents of the unit of work students were working with at that moment and take it a step forward by means of oral presentations in English about several animals.

Prior to the presentations themselves, a group of 1st ESO C students searched the web for the most relevant  information about several  animals. The day of the presentation their partners from 1ºB learned a bit more about these animals first by listening to them and later  by working together to carry out a task about what had just been presented.

This activity allowed us to work not only contents of the English subject itself but also of Natural Science. Students also learned to search and make use of the information on the web, collaborate on a common project and they practised the oral sills.

To see some photos and a short video of the experience click on the image below.

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